MLR200 Mini Lab Reactor

Introducing MLR200: An advanced, compact round-bottom flask reactor system meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrate within fume hoods. With an integrated control system, It reshapes efficiency, guaranteeing swift, superior outcomes for chemists pursuing rapid results.


Full SS-Body Oil Bath with Drain Valve

Full SS-Body Oil Bath with Drain Valve

A durable stainless-steel oil bath with a convenient Drain Valve ensures easy oil changes, promoting efficient reactions.

Non-Sparking Motor Drive

Non-Sparking Motor Drive

Enhancing safety, it creates a secure environment for experiments involving volatile substances.

Integrated Control System

Integrated Control System

Fine-tune and monitor key parameters like temperature and stirring speed for precise reactions, ensuring accuracy and reproducibility.

Effortless Motor Lifting

Effortless Motor Lifting

Swift and secure flask handling is made possible with the Effortless Motor Lifting mechanism, optimizing workflow and user comfort.

Technical Data

Vessel Volume Range:

250 mL - 5L Vacuum Jacketed Vessels

Temperature Range:

-40oC to 200oC

Pressure Range:

+/- 1 barg


Condensers, stirrers, probes, baffles, solid and liquid dosing funnels, port adapters, stoppers, etc.


Integrated Stirrer and heating Control

Stirrer Drive:

BLDC, 24V, 0.6 Nm

Dimensions & Ordering Information

Assembly Code Capacity Pressure Barg L x B x H mm
BLFRMLR25000000000 250 mL +/- 1 450 x 300 x 700
BLFRMLR50000000000 500 mL +/- 1 450 x 300 x 700
BLFRMLR00100000000 1L +/- 1 450 x 300 x 700
BLFRMLR 2L +/- 1 500 x 320 x 730
BLFRMLR 3L +/- 1 500 x 320 x 730
BLFRMLR 5L +/- 1 500 x 320 x 800

** Customization are available as per requirements.