CLR 500: The Fusion of Sturdiness & Speed

Introducing CLR500 Compact Lab Reactor: A modern design for swift, precise results. Its lightweight installation process appeals to scientists. With the added advantage of full automation, CLR500 streamlines reactions for user convenience and safety.


Sturdy Three-Pole Stirrer Support

Sturdy Three-Pole Stirrer Support

Experience unwavering stability and elevated reliability with our Sturdy Three-Pole Stirrer System. Built to endure the most rigorous experimental conditions, this robust support ensures steadfast stability at all RPMs, empowering your research to reach new heights of confidence and precision.

Hassle-free vessel change and clamping

Hassle-free vessel change and clamping

Catering to the inquisitive nature of chemists and scientists, our ingeniously crafted vessel neck allows chemists and scientists to effortlessly replace vessels, promoting prompt and smooth experimentation for unparalleled results.

Hose Clip and Support Structure (HCSS)

Hose Clip and Support Structure (HCSS)

HCSS simplifies your experiments by keeping tubing securely in place. Experience hassle-free management of multiple tubing lines, making complex experiments with various reagents or solvents a breeze. Stay organized and achieve precise results with our innovative HCSS feature.

Effortless Height Adjustment

Effortless Height Adjustment

Revolutionize your research process with our lab reactor's cutting-edge vessel height adjustment feature. Our innovative design allows you to fine-tune the vessel height with unparalleled convenience, providing the flexibility you need to optimize workflows with ease.

Technical Data

Vessel Volume Range:

250 mL - 5L Vacuum Jacketed Vessels

Temperature Range:

-40oC to 200oC

Pressure Range:

+/- 1 barg


Condensers, stirrers, probes, baffles, solid and liquid dosing funnels, port adapters, stoppers, etc.


Automation upgrades available

Stirrer Drive:

Pneumatic, Electric, Manual

Dimensions & Ordering Information

Assembly Code Capacity Flange Dia L x B x H mm
BLMRCLR250XJ000000 250 mL DN 100 460 x 550 x 1300
BLMRCLR500XJ000000 500 mL DN 100 460 x 550 x 1300
BLMRCLR750XJ000000 750 mL DN 100 460 x 550 x 1300
BLMRCLR001XJ000000 1L DN 100 460 x 550 x 1300
BLMRCLR002XJ000000 2L DN 150 460 x 550 x 1300
BLMRCLR003XJ000000 3L DN 150 460 x 550 x 1300
BLMRCLR005XJ000000 5L DN 150 460 x 550 x 1300

** Customization are available as per requirements.